Driving Repeat Visits to Increase Acquisition

Donor acquisition is not limited to email campaigns or optimized donation forms

Email campaigns to those on your file who have never given before are crucial, along with an optimized donation form on your site. Both of these help maximize the conversions of those donors. But what about prospects who come to your site, peruse critical pages but who abandon your site before taking action?

This is where pixel-based acquisition comes in. When a visitor engages with content indicating consideration of taking a step toward making a donation, but abandons, set up automated campaigns to reach those users hours later across the web and through paid social.

donor acquisition automation

Develop a donor acquisition blueprint for your nonprofit

Take a deep dive at the visits which included reaching the donation confirmation page on your site. From there, you gain insight into who those donors are – the channels they came from, the content they viewed before hitting the donation page, day of week visited and a number of other factors.

Using this intel, you can create a solid blueprint to retarget to those who abandon the same content on the site before progressing to the donation form.

Automated acquisition is a non-negotiable

Acquisition of donors has always been a challenge. The costs to reach new users and bring them to the site to introduce your mission to them continues to be a focus. Your awareness engine likely uses Google Grant along with social media, referral partners and a host of other channels to help drive traffic.

But to drive acquisition of those visitors, it’s crucial to take the next step and further engage them beyond their initial visit.

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