Specimen #2

Donation Form Improvement


Client’s Presenting Problem: Our client was using a donation platform that encumbered them from maximizing donations on their site.  With limitations on functionality, we had to get creative with the revamp, while applying best practices. 


Our Diagnosis: There were 3 areas we tackled in order to improve performance to their donation page:

AREA 1: 

Create a clearer path to the donation form, which included:

  • Campaign-specific homepage banners containing “GIVE” CTAs
  • Campaign-specific lightboxes with a “GIVE” CTA for the top pages with a once-a-day cookie for the duration of the campaign
AREA 2: 

New Creative Specs for the Donation Form

  • Matched up the DF layout with the current website header/footer template
  • More compelling design with strong imagery
  • The actual form appears above the fold of the fold on a standard 13” screen size
  • Included key organizational messaging
AREA 3: 

Designed new Technical Specs

  • Built new template on a separate subdomain
  • Embedded donation platform form on the new page
  • Adjusted form fields for best-practice configurations and overall look and feel
digital fundraising donation form optimization


The Results: The old donation form was converting only 7% of the traffic that landed on the page.  The revamped donation form has been converting at a rate of 31%.  NOTE:  We call what happened with this test our “Moneyball” Metric.


Moneyball Metric:  A page with a high Value Per View is the equivalent of a baseball hitter who is excellent with runners in scoring position.  He brings in runs at high rates, which begins to build more and more wins.