Specimen #6

End-of-Year Campaign Magnified


Client’s Presenting Problem: This product-driven ministry nonprofit requested assistance generating additional gifts during their annual end of year promotions. They had not spent significant money digitally before, but they wanted to see an overall increase in donations during the last week and a half of the calendar year. They challenged us to create a promotion that yielded at least a 2.0 ROI targeting new and existing donors.


Our Diagnosis:During the End of Year program, the average gift was $272.05. Over 3,000 individuals gave during the 10-day timeframe, and the program accomplished a 3.8 ROI — which was a much higher than the expected return.

$272.05 average gift

3.8 ROI


The Results:  After just six months into the campaign, the client saw an influx of nearly 5,000 new prospective donors at a cost per new name at less than $10.