Specimen #1

Google Grant Capitalization for Acquisition of New Donors


Client’s Presenting Problem:  Need to grow their pipeline of new donors for the ministry by acquiring new names for the organization at an acceptable cost to acquire.


Our Diagnosis:  We evaluated the client’s website, looking for highest-performing content being consumed on the site which also had the highest number of progressions to the donate page.  The “Top 40 Messianic Prophecies” article on the client website rose to the top. 

STEP 1: 

We translated that content into a 4-week digital experience, using a combination of paid media targeting those actively searching for that kind of content, as well as those who previously searched around related topics.  We pushed messaging to this audience to drive name acquisition.  We also expanded the reach of the campaign on the site through native callouts across relevant content.

STEP 2: 

The next step was to convert these new names into new donors for the organization.  After evaluating  two frames of messaging that have historically driven first gifts for this ministry, we developed a two-part First Gift email and ad series that drives donation messaging after the 40 Prophecy Experience new name acquisition effort.  This First Gift series begins in the middle of the 40 Prophecy Experience to maximize on their active interest.


The Results:  After just six months into the campaign, the client saw an influx of nearly 5,000 new prospective donors at a cost per new name at less than $10.