Specimen #7

Build a Digital Fundraising Foundation

Donor retention challenge


Client’s Presenting Problem: Donors from previous years have stopped giving, creating a challenge in cultivation and requiring too much weight toward acquisition.


Our Diagnosis: To gain momentum quickly, our team underwent a deep dive on their digital and donor-based data:

  • A substantial volume of their previous donors were still actively giving more than $500 annually to other organizations
  • The mobile experience on the site was causing large issues with the experience and donor journey
  • Abandonment rates of key pages were well above industry standards
We put prescriptions in place to immediately begin executing upon in order to make significant fundraising strides in the next 90 days.
donor cultivation statistics
Jump Start Fundraising Program strategy
Awareness fundraising donor strategies
Donation form optimization example
fundraising email optimization example


The Results: A new donation experience is in place along with new email templates, both already seeing improved results.

Site optimization, cultivation of those who are giving more than $500 to other organizations and other elements are set with strategies for each and ready for execution.

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