Specimen #5

Membership Model Improvement


Client’s Presenting Problem: An association client had been engaged in a robust direct mail membership cultivation and acquisition program but was minimally utilizing digital channels and sophisticated marketing to grow the membership program.


Our Diagnosis: Our solutions focused on the following:

  • Created organizational digital personas based on demographic, behavioral, attitudinal and other key data.
  • Created a digital membership renewal campaign
  • Launched digital acquisition campaign aimed at the nonprofit’s potential members across their web experience (targeted based on the digital lookalike modeling), coupled with an eAppend strategy
  • Website Performance Analysis and site design tweaks
  • Pixeling, Remarketing & Retargeting put in place – direct mail audiences were also targeted via these digital strategies.
fundraising and membership case study


The Results: After the 1st 6 months of implementation, the campaign resulted in 1,100 membership sign-ups (completely digitally-acquired).  This was 63% of projections.  More tactical highlights include:

  • Acquisition Email Campaign: Tied the direct mail messaging in with email targeting.  Reached more than 600,000 email addresses driving a large amount of traffic to the new membership site.
  • Ad Retargeting Efforts: More than 18,000 constituents were reached with this strategy, with more than 130,000 impressions driving further memberships
  • Revamped Website Membership Form: The website adjustments made based on our technology intel drove up the organization’s conversion rate by almost 30% with a large increase in revenue.