Specimen #5

Build Monthly Donors Through Microgiving

The Ripple - Microgiving monthly donor ad campaign


Client’s Presenting Problem: Predictable, monthly income for the client was nearly non-existent. The most impactful way to drive monthly donors in the past was through live events. With COVID-19 shutting down events for years, the organization had to pivot.


Our Diagnosis: Our solutions focused on the following:

  • Reach new prospects who previously searched related terms and/or organizations who are in the same category
  • Showcase reasons to believe in the organization and how small, monthly donations can make a dramatic difference
  • Use primarily digital media targeting through this campaign
Monthly donor acquisition strategy
The Ripple Microdonation campaign strategy


The Results: Driving a 6:1 ROI on ad spend, the launch of the campaign was highly successful.

  • Digital Ad Campaign: Click-thru rates topped 4X industry averages and cost between $0.16 to $0.71 per click dependent on audience 
  • New Monthly Revenue: Monthly revenue reached more than $800 from this campaign quickly after launch, establishing an evergreen execution ready to perform for the organization

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