Specimen #7

Moving a program from a “syndicated” model to a “custom” approach


Client’s Presenting Problem: This client’s direct response program had been implemented for many years by one of the Omnicom agencies using a “syndicated” approach.  However, the nonprofit had been experiencing:

  • Declining Returns
  • Cost Increases
  • Poor communication with their agency of record
  • Staff turnover within their agency of record


Their request was simple:   Turn their program around.


Our Diagnosis: Customize their program specific to their particular nonprofit.  We did this on 2 levels:  cultivating their own donors and acquiring new donors.

Previous Agency Results
Acquisition Health
  • Decreased response rate by 33%
  • Decreased net income by 30%
Donor Health
  • No impactful increase in active donors (0.6%)
  • Maintained total revenue
Acquisition Health
  • Increased response rate by 67%
  • Increased net income by 164%
Donor Health
  • No Increased total active donors by 21%
  • Increased total revenue by 13%


The Results: The programmatic changes made a positive impact on the results of the program:

Acquisition Mailings:

  • Increased response rate by nearly 50%
  • Increased net income by 175%

Donor File and Health:

  • Increased the number of total active donors by 12%
  • Increased total revenue by 30%