Specimen #7

Targeting the Right Audience in a Fundraising Shortage

Fundraising shortage strategies


Client’s Presenting Problem: Fundraising revenue stalled in the past 12 months. The volume of donors is down and the donors are aging. Acquisition of donors is a challenge because of limitations in messaging online due to safety concerns of their team members serving in certain countries overseas.


Our Diagnosis: Every email is only gaining a small level of revenue for the organization. The main donation form is capturing some volume, but not nearly enough. Focusing on one core audience appears to be the best bet.

  • Cultivation of those who have high net worths and who fit within the affluent lifestyle category through our big data partnerships is critical
  • Reaching these donors in their preferred method, in a comprehensive approach, can drive large gifts and give the organization the best chance at continuing their mission
Using big data, we uncovered which donors are likely to prefer which method of communication, setting up a roadmap for each donor for the organization to reach out to.
Fundraising shortage - audience strategy
donor digital communication
donor phone communication
Donor shortage campaign


The Results: While a comprehensive email strategy will reach this audience, the client is now set to reach out to these major donor prospects via direct mail, phone and through integrated digital media.

By touching these donors across each channel, they are set to communicate the core message of what the organization has accomplished and the emergency they are facing.

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