Digital Fundraising in 2022 and Beyond

Digital fundraising requires a strategic approach, using segmentation rooted in big data and transaction history

Every month, nonprofits speak with our team about the state of their program. There are always commonalities in every organization’s approach, while others are pushing the bounds more and more.

In 2010, it was innovative to have an email campaign timed with your direct mail campaign. Today, that’s just a routine. In 2015, targeting ads to those on the direct mail list who have an email tied to their record was innovative. Today, it again is another table stake. 

In 2020, digital fundraising became an even more critical piece when COVID-19 entered the chat. The share of fundraising revenue from mature digital programs skyrocketed.

We thrive on jumping on calls with clients and partners to talk through pillars of digital programs.

digital fundraising innovation

Where does your digital fundraising compare to others

To preface, we know that 2020 brought significant challenges to the entire fundraising landscape. We’ve seen some organizations try to manage through the pandemic by sticking with their main pillars – direct mail, email integration with direct mail messaging, some social media cadence, and Google Grants. And of course, a website that supports.

Evergreen digital fundraising is the path forward

Our team always talks with our clients about a three-pronged approach to digital programs. We believe a program can be measured by its effectiveness with the following:

  1. Campaign-based messaging—the active outreach via email that may or may not tie in with direct mail efforts
  2. Behavior-based messaging—the proactive outreach to those behaving certain ways on the site to expand their trust with your organization and its mission
  3. Website Performance—a detailed look at how your website performs with awareness, consideration and conversion of prospective donors

While each of these bring expansive possible footprints, digital fundraising has to be approached in a strategic, simplistic understanding before success can be had.

So, how do you feel your program lines up with the above? 

Need help in one of the three areas of digital fundraising? We're here to chat with you.