Name Acquisition: What it is and Why it Matters to Nonprofit Organizations

Name acquisition allows your team to cultivate a prospect to take the next step in becoming a donor

Donor acquisition involves exploring what your average donor looks like and how to repeat that process for prospective donors. But have you ever considered the idea of name acquisition?

We’re not talking about eAppends. With privacy rules these days, the efforts of just appending some emails and hitting their inboxes in hopes of a gift are ineffective.

What we want nonprofit leaders to understand is how to capitalize and capture the names of those who are browsing your most popular content on your site.

nonprofit name acquisition and donor acquisition

Understanding high-performing content

Your website is broken down into two sections. Serving two purposes, your site aims to provide information to those in need of your service while driving action from those looking to make an impact through organizations like yours.

Have you looked at the highest-performing pages on your site that lead to the most progressions to the main donation form? Looking at organic traffic, we often see 2-3 content paths that are taken before they gain the confidence in the organization and progress to a form.

Defining those pages is the critical first step. These pages become your pillars for name acquisition.

Developing a name acquisition engine through the lens of high-performing content

Often times, we’ve seen client sites where a high volume of visitors will go to read facts about the need. This has been in the realm of facts about hunger, data around area homelessness and more. Sometimes, the content on these sites for these topics is very extensive, leading the user to spend a good amount of time browsing. 

From there, some naturally progress to a donation form. But what about all the rest of the traffic to that page? This is where name acquisition comes into play.

Consider your popular pages on your site. Can you create “gated” content for those pages, creating a downloadable guide, infographic or email experience that can help them better digest this information?

By doing so, you can capture far more names and create a relationship rather than just a pixel on your site.

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