Swipe-Focused Emails vs Mobile-Optimized Templates

Success with mobile emails is not solely reliant on a mobile-optimized template

Mobile-optimized digital fundraising emails are nothing new. Virtually every email provider today has easy templates to execute which allow text and imagery to be shown properly on mobile devices.

Endless scroll is certainly a concept that certain platforms use. Instagram, Pinterest, and others have mastered that. But that is when a user is in discovery mode. How are your emails built when it comes to limiting scrolling interactions?

Symptoms to Consider

Too often, we run into organizations who are unhappy with results when it comes to their email campaigns. While there are obvious symptoms within the length of content and location of calls to action, fixing those and calling it done is merely a band-aid. 

Our team believes that email goes beyond architecture of the email itself. Although it is a first essential step of many to get your content in a good spot.

Things to Avoid in Email Content

  1. Long Introductions
  2. Large Hero Imagery
  3. Lack of Concrete Action
  4. Multiple Images
  5. Longer Sentences

Once you do have an optimized email template, the work begins with data. In this exercise, what you’re looking to do is to understand common content viewed before a user progresses to a donation form. 

This is important because while you may avoid the five elements here for email content itself, the performance of the email depends on a smooth user experience upon tapping from an email to your landing page. The last thing you want is for their attention to be swiped away from the action you’re asking them to do.

Determining Secondary Calls to Action

Common practice always involves a main CTA leading to a donation form. That’s a given. But for campaigns that may involve providing more information, you want to explore existing layouts and content on your site that has a high progression rate. This then allows you to build your secondary content page, or select an existing one, using this intel from your analytics. Secondary CTAs should always be less prominent than your main CTA but streamlining that experience is crucial. 

Retargeting to Mobile Users Who Don't Take Action

One thing you can do is set up automation to send a follow-up email and remarketing display ads to those who previously opened your related email on mobile but who did not take action. The principle here is to hit those who engaged but who may have been distracted, allowing them a second time to take action. We do recommend this tactic be focused on your larger campaign executions vs an evergreen practice for every email that your team sends.

givingMD is Here to Help

Does all of the above sound confusing, complex or anxiety-inducing? Not to worry! givingMD is here to help. Because our integrated campaigns use a unique approach to fundraising with Moneyball mindsets, no email template or campaign is ever templated from another. We’re ready to help you.

Need a treatment plan for your next 30, 60, 90 days? We’re here to help. Reach out to us or check out our case studies.